Straight Talk for Guys

#13 Emotions

Learning to conquer your emotions is one of the most vital battles you’ll face – and victory in this area will bring victory in every area of your life.

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#14 Family & Parents

God’s all about family. Sure, they may drive you crazy at times, but they’ll love you like no other and there is much to learn from them.

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#15 Friends

Your friends will make or break you. Learn why it’s worth it to choose your friends wisely.

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#16 Responsibility

Learning to be responsible is an incredibly important step towards becoming a man of God.

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#17 Big Sister Love

Let a loving “big sister” tell you some things that no one else will about being successful in life, with the girls, and other things you’ll be glad you learned.

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#18 Wisdom

Why always learn the hard way? Learn how to walk in more wisdom.

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