Straight Talk for Girls

#1 Dating (Part1)

To date or not to date…how to date…who to date…dating in relation to achieving a Godly marriage – there are lots of questions when it comes to dating. Here are some life lessons that will hopefully give you wisdom and save you some heartache.

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#2 Dating (Part2)

We couldn't fit in everything we wanted to say in one session. Be sure to listen to this one too!!

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#3 Forgiveness

Forgiving yourself and forgiving others is vital to your relationship with God. Combat the enemy's tactics to bind you in condemnation and bitterness by understanding God's love.

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#4 Friends

The Bible says bad company corrupts good character, yet we desperately look for acceptance in friendships. Listen as we share our experiences and what we've learned about the vital role of Godly friendships.

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#5 Parents and Family

Regardless of what kind of home or family you have - there is love to receive and wisdom to learn from your family. Your family will be there when everyone else is gone. Learn to value what you have, to be used as a intercessor, and how to ultimately depend on God.

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#6 Self-Worth

Our self worth comes from finding our value in God. Many of us struggle with our self-worth, comparing ourselves to others and feeling that we come up lacking. Though we aren't born with equal talents and abilities, at the second birth we were created equal and our potential in God is limitless.

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